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In October 2019, I had the honor and privilege of taking over management of recruitment tours to UWC schools from Dave Fredrick and Susan Albrecht who had carried the flag for so many years. This information is for Davis member colleges and universities.

Fall 2020 Virtual UWC Visit Days

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, physical tours and events are not possible to the 14 UWC schools in Asia and Europe. After consultation with the school counselors in each location and surveying Davis member colleges and university representatives, we have decided on two virtual visit days: September 1 for the 7 UWC schools in Asia, and September 22 for the 7 European UWCs. Download the two PDF documents below for details. 

NOTE PLEASE: We are limiting participation initially to the first 30 Davis colleges and universities. 

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Fall 2020 Virtual Event Days Payment

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Because of Covid-19's impact on our world, travel to these amazing UWC as a group is simply not possible this fall. As a result, we've arranged two virtual visit days to the UWC schools in Asia (September 1st) and Europe (September 22nd) that will allow these amazing students access to you directly through virtual visits.  The $525 fee covers access to both events to reach all 14 schools in Asia and Europe. Check out the Events application download above for the details. If paying by PayPal/credit card, be sure to email your Events Application to If paying by check, please follow the instructions on the Events Application.

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Connect with us on our new Facebook Group for UWC counselors and Davis Foundation colleges interested in our recruitment events. 

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